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Interactive and animation rich sites using Macromedia Flash®. We can construct interactive Flash® games and sites based entirely in Flash® using advanced Flash® programming and design. Flash® is interactive and can engage your user with mouse triggered animated events, navigation controls, and much more. In addition, sound can be embedded within a design to further enhance your users' experience.
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Conceptual and actual Web and alternative media design, from idea and structure all the way through to completion. Graphic and logo design and corporate branding for use in print or on the Web. You get a design for your company or business that is relevant and effective. This could be your logo, business card, flyer or promotional materials for use on the Web or in print. We can also arrange music or multi-media material for your Web site.
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CD-ROM materials used for training and marketing purposes. If you need to communicate to your audience differently, consider using CD-ROM based materials. We create the animation or text based material which you can use for training purposes or for distributing to customers. We will burn the material on to as many CD-ROMs as you wish.
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Corporate Branding
A complete service for branding your company. We will choose the appropriate colours, designs and positioning that you should use for your Internet marketing strategy and then design and implement them.
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Shop fronts and integrated Web graphics. Web graphics sets for use on your Web site or Intranet. Shop fronts that integrate seamlessly into your existing database or ecommerce system. Custom made graphics that mould perfectly to your current image.
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Strategy and Management
Web site marketing strategies and management. We assess your current situation and advise and implement new techniques. You get more traffic to your site. More visitors, more money.
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Take the hassle out of searching for the best advertisers and the best places to advertise by letting us take control of your Internet advertising. Low-budget or high-budget, we can plan and implement your complete strategy.
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Search Engine Strategy
Search engine placement and maintenance with submission to all the major search engines and directories. We can also make sure that search engines automatically revisit your site, retaining any changes that may have been made since their last visit. We will also maintain any submissions to make sure you stay on top of the competition.

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We can also submit your site to search engines relevant to your business, for example medical search engines.
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Email Marketing
Design of emails in both HTML and text format, ensuring all your potential customers are reached. We can advise you on the correct and legal ways to contact your customers without inadvertently breaking the law or annoying your recipients with common spamming techniques. We can also arrange the purchasing and delivery of targeted opt-in email using reputable bulk email providers.
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